The Farm Sanctuary

The happy place for the rescued farm animals

How much do you know about organic farming versus commercial produce? Melissa Wynne visited the Farm Sanctuary in Franschhoek, met the artistic pig and the happy cows and shared what she's learned with us.

Photos by ben wiid

Photos by Ben Wiid

The Farm Sanctuary has a purpose. It aims to raise awareness about what actually goes on in an industry which so many of us turn a blind eye on. They do this through spreading the message of compassion for animals, from adorable ex-dairy cows to the happiest chickens you will ever meet.

The loveable creatures include ; Baloo, a beautiful brunette calf who is not to be mistaken for a soft sullen cow this boy is rearing and ready to go, he loves his tickles, cuddles and grazing about. Another quite famous member of the family is Pigcasso, the painting pig. This big guy produces artwork which would make Jackson Pollock jealous - all of his artworks are housed on the property in "The Oink Gallery" and are all for sale, proceeds going towards the sanctuary. Other members include donkeys, chickens a particularly shy sheep and not so shy goat.The sanctuary has an open door policy when it comes to visitors meaning you are completely free to cuddle, interact and shower their residents with love - as long as you are willing to get down and dirty in the hay!

Photos by melissa wynne 3

Photos by Melissa Wynne

Run off donations from visitors, the sanctuary provides a safe haven for creatures big and small. They urge all guests of the farm to take "the veg pledge" which comes in three stages; Stage one: Going meat free on Mondays, Stage two: becoming vegetarian and Stage three: the ultimate goal, being vegan.

Photos by melissa wynne 2

Photos by Melissa Wynne

The onsite guesthouse, which is in fact located inside the barn itself is styled after a loft type apartment. The spiraling wrought iron staircase leads up to the bedroom which offers a completely submersive experience and gives new meaning to "staying in the hay", for all those wondering about creature comforts, don't worry it is fully kitted out with a king size bed and beautiful copper bathtub. All proceeds from overnight lodgings go towards the upkeep of the farm sanctuary and further care of all it's residents. So you can sleep in peace knowing the ambient noise from the creatures below are nothing but sweet dreams of the green pastures right outside of their front doors. 

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Photos by melissa wynne

Photos by Melissa Wynne
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Author Melissa Wynne
Date 10 April 2017
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