The Wolfpack

New burger joint in Parkhurst

Louise Whitworth tries out-of-the-ordinary burgers at a newly opened spot on 4th Avenue.


With incredible lightning speed, the intimate fine dining joint George's on 4th has been completely transformed, practically overnight, into a happening gourmet burger and craft beer bar. Judging by the long waiting list for a table, The Wolfpack is exactly what the people of Parkhurst have been waiting for.

The menu focuses on making the humble burger into an adventure for the taste buds. The burger list is a veritable United Nations of cuisines featuring Moroccan, Asian teriyaki pork, and African ostrich influenced burgers, as well as genuinely exciting vegan and veggie options and an all-American classic - the sloppy Joe. Unusual complimentary sides such as wasabi onion rings, polenta chips and apple and cucumber salad complete the picture of an out-of-the-ordinary burger experience.  

Those who like posh burgers tend to also appreciate the delights of drinking craft beer and The Wolfpack has set the bar high with no less than ten local brewers featured on the extensive craft beer menu. The bar also serves up a number of impressive house cocktails such as the Howltini (green chili muddled Olmeca black, apple sours and appletizer), making staying on for drinks practically irresistible.  

The brains behind the venture are the same heroes who brought the popular Cnr Café to Craighall Park and the Wolfpack theme is inspired by the team's pact to stick together no matter what. The lupine theme extends from the name to the menu to the fabulous Red Riding Hood mural in the toilets, even finding its way into the Wolfpack 'rules' found in the end of the drinks card.  

Alongside the café-style dining area, there's also a bar, high tables perched on the pavement edge and a rooftop terrace, lending the place a very laidback bar/café buzz. The finely honed bright and breezy décor reflects the venue's relaxed vibe and friendly atmosphere. Colourful retro chairs, clever lighting and lush pot plants are offset by concrete and bare brick walls splashed with eye-catching murals designed by the owner's friends.  

Whether you are looking for a hunger-busting Big Bad Wolf of a burger, the latest tastes on the craft beer scene or just somewhere a little more informal to grab a high-quality meal in Parkhurst, The Wolfpack looks like it should tick all your boxes.  

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Author Louise Whitworth
Date 23 August 2013


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