Shops Thumb badge streetwear RAD

New Balance, Converse, Super sunglasses and all kinds of denim — Joburg's fashion scene has become a little more exciting.

Shops Thumb badge insider Anisa Mpungwe

The creator of the fashion house Loin Cloth & Ashes has shared her thoughts on the most promising names in SA fashion.

Shops Thumb badge 01 vintage Fruitcake Vintage

A small space flamboyantly decked out in pure eighties vintage — from clothes to jewelry.

Shops Thumb badge 2 feature Wallet wonder

Shoes in a nail salon, artworks in a coffee shop, an Italian deli with collectable trains and 2 more spots for unexpected shopping

Shops Thumb badge 01 market De Villiers Market

The insiders of Jozi’s fashion scene know the secret of this street market — here you can snap up a designer suit for less than R20.

Shops Thumb 02 sport Puma

Mecca of Braamie's student population with the limited collections, fuse-ball table, DJ deck and a drop box for the old clothes.

Shops Thumb badge 01 books Braamfontein Bookstore

Before the Braamfontien bookstore came on the scene, globe trotting recessionistas may have noticed an absence of good thrift stores in Jozi.

Shops Thumb badge 01 books Love Books

An independent bookshop in one of the most charming blocks in Melville makes for a good story about love at first sight.

Shops Thumb main01 pop up shop "The Collective is about all things beautiful"

Catherine Corry on fashion, travelling from Fourways and reasons to visit her new event.

Shops Thumb 03 fashion Loin Cloth and Ashes

Bold wax printed fabrics and simple modern tailoring by a young designer Anisa Mpungwe.

Shops Thumb hello again badge tees&bicycles Hello Again

Braamfontein now has it's own branch of the Capetonian store with t-shirts and bicycles.