Food&Drinks Thumb badge food tour Foodie Thursday

As an avid food lover, this was an adventure that I was willing to embrace arms wide open.

Food&Drinks Thumb bo kaap badge Cooking The Bo Kaap Foodie Day

How to cook a mean curry and what is a daltjie — we've tested the Bo-Kaap cooking tour.

Food&Drinks Thumb 1972517 10152053913941482 1591866118 n pop-up dining The night of Secret Eats

Blogger Twiggy Molly attended a secret dinner with strangers and shared her experience

Food&Drinks Thumb badge bowls club An Ode to Zoo Lake Bowling Club

Despite the regular campaigns for saving the Bowls Club Ksenija Micic is convinced it's here to stay.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge burgers The Wolfpack

Louise Whitworth tries out-of-the-ordinary burgers at a newly opened spot on 4th Avenue.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge pop-up dining Pop-up dining

Whether you prefer a meal from a famous chef or a homemade dinner with 25 strangers - Jozi's pop-up scene has lots to offer.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge Joburg's best The Best Burger of Joburg

In search of a perfect burger we tasted the creations of 8 joints and rated them on a scale from 1 to 5.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge beer The Craft Beer Guide

Whether you are a seasoned beer buff or reformed wine drinker, here's what you need to know.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge wi-fi&coffee Free wi-fi and good coffee

The 5 best coffee shops to work from.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge beer yard Stanley Beer Yard

Craft beers, folk music and a fireplace in a hunting lodge with a beer garden.

Food&Drinks Thumb foodhall badge pop-up dinner Foodhall

We spoke to Jono Hall, chef and ideologist of the new pop-up restaurant in Maboneng Precinct.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge bistro DALEAHS

New bistro with burgers, sharing boards and Greek coffee in Braamfontein.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge coffee shop The Whippet

Linden welcomes a new cafe with gourmet food and high quality coffee. It's founders told us more about their new space.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge 02 restaurant House of Baobab

Talla Niand on his new Pan-African restaurant in The Maboneng Precinct.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge 01 deli Three Marys

The owner of Salvation cafe has opened a new pantry with an organic deli in 44 Stanley.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge 01 burgers Dukes

Pre-party vibe, ironic interior and the best burgers in Greenside.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge 01 cafe Odd Café

There should always be one classy joint underneath a strip of graffiti – like little old Odd Café.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge 01 cafe Moema's

A family-run buffet and bakery with quality-food and award-winning muffins.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge cafe Melissa’s

A corner restaurant on a busy road makes a strategic position for wining&crowd watching.

Food&Drinks Thumb badge 1 coffee&snacks Warm & Glad

New York inspired coffee shop with vynil, magazines and deli.